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Flora : Rafflesia Arnoldii

Rafflesia arnoldii is a species of flowering plant in the parasitic genus Rafflesia . It is noted for producing the largest individual flower on earth. It has a very strong and horrible odour of decaying flesh, earning it the nickname "corpse flower". It is endemic to the rainforests of Sumatra and possibly Borneo.Although there are some plants with larger flowering organs like the titan arum (Amorphophallus titanum) and talipot palm (Corypha umbraculifera), those are technically clusters of many flowers.


Rafflesia Arnoldi is known as the biggest flower in the world. The name is derived from the British governor General, Sir Thomas Stamford Rafflesia , who gave attention to the botanical garden in Bogor.
The Rafflesia Arnoldi consists of two parts: the stick-like part which grows in the middle and the petals around and below it. It is unusual flower because of its large size. The flower can be 1 meter in diameter and 1.40 meters in height.
The Rafflesia plant begins to flower in its tenth year. It blooms three or four times a year. Before it begins to flower, the leaves and the stem become dry and look dead, but the main root in the ground is still alive. When it blooms, it has an unpleasant smell which attract insect. But when they touch the bottom part, they die.

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Senin, 11 Desember 2017



30 Sepember 2017,was gathapraya event. people also called it festival budaya or fesbud gathapraya. festival budaya is an anually event in sman 3 bandung. The purpose of this event is for introducing indonesian culture,as we know on this era indonesian culture is almost disappearing among the young people. Therefore,SMAN 3 Bandung made this annual event. Nidji,,hivi,elephant kind,etc was the Gathapraya’s guest star. the other excited thing that makes me more excited is,i was the Gathapraya’s public committee.i did my job with my other friends and discussed about gathapraya. i was really enjoyed that night,full of people and they enjoyed the music too. there are many kind of food booth with the cheap price.

my plan

nabilah::hello amira!
amira: hello Nabilah!
nabilah: how are you today?
amira: im fine thank you and you?
nabilah: im fine too,by the way there will be a long weekend in the end of the year right??
amira: yes of course! do you have any plan?
nabilah: yes of course!
amira: whats your plan?
nabilah: umm i want to go to italy
amira: WOW! i want to go to italy too!
nabilah: oh really??! im so excited!
amira: sure,im so excited too it is the first time i go to italy. would you like to join me?
nabilah: sure! when will you go??
amira: on 5 Desember 2017
nabilah: okay i will talk to my parents first
amira: okay,just call me if your parents allow you to join me
nabilah: okay amira

Senin, 14 Agustus 2017

Unforgettable Moment

Hey everyone!
in this post, im gonna tell you about my unforgettable moment and i really happy to share it to you all!

i was so excited on that day.2 July 2017 was my 15th birthday.i cant wait to blow out the candle and take a gift from my parents.My father said he will give me a new phone and my mother said she will give me some makeup and im so happy about that.My father promise me he will bought me a new phone if i can reach the best score on national exam,and i got it.I got the best national exam score in my class. im so happy to hear that and i cant believe that i could reach that score.

i really want a new phone because my old phone was already broke.After that i went to ibox with my father to chose the phone that i want. and i got it! i got my new phone on my day. After i bought the phone,my mom took me to a makeup store,the store name is makeupuccino.Makeupuccino is the best import makeup store in Bandung.All the makeup is authentic but still really cheap than another import makeup store. I chose what i want,and i chose many kind makeup product such as eyebrow pencil,eyeshadow palette,liptint,makeup primer,blush,etc.

And after i got my new phone and new makeups,my family and i went to Hanamasa to celebrate my birthday and had some dinner together.we talk a lot about many things and enjoy the family time.

I really really really happy on that day,I felt really special . My parents bought me everything that i want. im so lucky to have them,i really thankful to my parents.

Senin, 07 Agustus 2017


 (in teacher's room)

Nabilah: Hello!
amira: Hello!
Nabilah: My name is Nabilah,what's your name?
Amira: My name is Amira,nice to meet you!
Nabilah: nice to meet you too!
Amira: What are you doing here?
Nabilah: i want to give my english task to my english teacher.
Amira: oohh,who's your english teacher?
Nabilah: Miss Azka,who's your english teacher?
Amira: Miss dinda,she is so kind to our class
Nabilah: miss azka is so kind to our class too,she's never angry and she
             always make us laugh.
Amira; oh by the way,where is your class?
Nabilah: My class is at X MIPA 8,on the third floor.
Amira: oohh,its far from my class.
Nabilah: where is your class?
Amira: My class is at MIPA 3,on the first floor.
Nabilah: umm.. do you want to join me to the canteen now?
Amira: sure,can i let my friends join us?
Nabilah: of course,it will be more fun! my friends will join us too.
Amira: okay i'll be right back with my friends! see you!
Nabilah: okay see you!

Senin, 31 Juli 2017

Hello! welcome to my blog and my first post!

my name is Nabilah Putri Bintadytama you can call me Nabilah. I was born in jakarta on 2 July 2002.
my english teacher ask me to make this blog for the assignment.By the way,right now im studying on National High School 3 Bandung or people also call SMAN 3 at Jalan Belitung 8,Bandung. My class is on X MIPA 8.

now,im gonna tell you about my family. My father's name is Tito Iswandy and my Mother's name is Efrita Megis. i have 1 little sister her name is Valiqa Omera. I really love my family,family is everything for me. without them,im nothing.

and now about my personality,actually im a kind person and i love laugh. but sometimes,people think that im mean. i love singing,drawing,and listen to my favorite songs.

That's all for my first post,hope you like and enjoy my new blog see you!

Flora : Rafflesia Arnoldii

Rafflesia arnoldii is a species of flowering plant in the parasitic genus Rafflesia . It is noted for producing the largest individual fl...